1 HOUR CLASSES | 5 HOUR masterclasseS | 2-3 DAY courses

Improvisational Basics (MIC)
Explore several a cappella
sational forms such as circle singing, shape shifting and the Motor/Interlock/Contrast.

Short Form Improv - Lyrical
Get out of your head and improvise words through spontaneous creation, texture shapes 
and language invention.

Long Form Improv - Musical
Elevate loop-based and 
free-form improvisation through pattern sequencing, harmonic progression 
and phrase development.

Song Form Improvisation
Delve deeper into song form with verse variation, bridge development and lyrical reinterpretation through small group challenges culminating in full song forms with lyrics.

Solo Improvisation
Expand the solo tool belt by refining rhythmic/harmonic intuition, patterns, phrase length, melodic contour and language techniques.

Building Harmonic Loops
Heighten patterns in many settings including large group, conducted and live solo looping.

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A Cappella Games
Improvisation games designed to
get people singing as quickly as possible.
Games include the Pitch Perfect “Riff Off,” Turn, Spirolution, Home, shapeshifting and InstaBand.

 A Cappella 101
An interactive launch into the world of a cappella: from famous names through must-hear recordings, games to videos, arrangements, skill building,
 rehearsal and performance techniques.

Organic Arranging
Think, see, and listen like an arranger by cultivating
textures, voice leading, 
chord voicing and syllables.

Small Group Labs
Reality show-like challenges ranging from 5 minute pop arrangements and mashups
to riff-offs and rap battles.

Small Group Techniques
Ensemble rehearsal, performing,
writing and recording techniques
tailored to the a cappella group and singer.

Set Tightening
Arrangement tweaks, balance, blend, 
vocal and microphone technique,
enhanced emotional storytelling,
with overall effectiveness and efficiency 
 all to help tighten up your performance set. 

Group Tune-Up
A series of activities geared towards functioning as a single entity, building musical trust and
support through harmonic and rhythmic intuition.

Science of Singing
Experiment with physics,
biomechanics, and psychoacoustics 
focusing on vocal production, technique and health.

Vocal Percussion
Dive into the theory, production, and
performance of vocal percussion 
with and without microphones.


Private lessons in voice, piano, vocal percussion,
and general music (songwriting, recording, YouTube videos, etc.) 
also available in person or via video chat